We can help you resolve your Business cash flow problems faster and more effectively which allows you the freedom to concentrate on your business goals. The expertise Enable Finance brings to your boardroom table will you give you the protection you have dreamed of. If you want your Company to be great again engage Enable Finance to fix your cash flow problems

  • Improve Cash flow
  • Cash Flow Finance & Loans
  • Protection from Cash Flow Problems
  • Failing Time To Pay Arrangements?
  • Flexible Cash Flow Solutions
  • Creditor Pressure Resolved
  • VAT, Paye & Tax Arrears Resolved

Don’t be a Victim to Cash Flow Problems

Your Cash is King and the last thing your business needs is a problem with cash flow. Cash flow is the life blood to the success or failure of your company. One of the biggest reasons businesses fail is because they ran out or working capital and ordinarily this can be avoided with sufficient cash flow finance and expert advice. This is where commercial team at Enable Finance can help.

Clients and situations we have helped in:

  • Mailing House and Call Centre company with a turnover of £8.3 million had experienced problems and had an arrears balance with HM Revenue & Customs of £500,000 with supplier pressure mounting but forward orders where healthy. Enable Finance engaged to turn the situation around
  • Haulage Company with a Turnover of £875,000 suffered some bad debts that were not insured and as a result picked up some county court judgements. Their banking facilities became strained resulting in the loss of their Invoice Factoring facility. Enable Finance engaged to find a solution for the Directors.
  • Manufacturing Company with a turnover of £4.75 million. The business had been making loses for 3 years and had subsequently built up a large amount of creditors and the pressure was visibly noticeable within the Managing Director. The company knew it needed to diversify into other markets and had identified, but they didn’t have the road map and their cash flow would not fund the change in direction. Enable Finance engaged and the road map was deployed.

Help & Advice to resolve Cash Flow Problems.

Enable Finance have a team of business advisers and commercial finance experts who have worked with small and large businesses specifically helping them resolve cash flow problems ensuring their business has adequate finance and direction to trade effectively through the good and bad times. For a free and confidential chat about how Enable Finance can help resolve your cash flow problems and let our expertise set your business free

What is Cash Flow and why is it Important?

Cash flow is both vital to a business and can also be hard to predict or follow. Cash is usually misunderstood as profits, and they are different. Cash flow is probably the most important element in the success of a business imagine your cash flow as the oil and lubricant within your business, without it everything seizes up and stops. So whilst you might have a full order book or great demand for your products or services without the cash flowing within your business you simply cannot fulfil your orders. Cash flow is the collective look at how much money you or your business brings in, how much your expenses are, and how much you have left at a given time period.
Business we help with Cash Flow Problems.

Additional scenarios your business may be experiencing as a result of cash flow problems and further problems we have helped with.

  • Trade Creditors requiring shorter terms when Customers want longer credit terms
  • VAT Arrears even when serious
  • Council Tax or Rent Arrears
  • H.M.R.C. Pressure due to VAT, PAYE or Tax Arrears
  • A huge spike in demand for product or services creates working capital problem
  • Customers going bankrupt and failing to pay
  • Companies within a CVA or administration looking to fund expansion or pay off bad debts
  • Creditor and Supplier Pressure