Are looking for experienced business turnaround and management consultants that can deliver a clear and concise recovery strategy… Our Business turnaround advisers know business and will respect your business to deliver clear and concise winning strategies. Signs A business is in Trouble:…Is your business suffering from any of the following symptoms?

  1. Declining or sagging sales or lost market share?
  2. Running Blind – you have no idea where your business is heading?
  3. Spread to Thin – you have tried to enter new markets or diversify but have now become vulnerable?
  4. Explosive Growth – but don’t have the systems, procedures or finance to pull it off?
  5. Feuding Shareholders and Directors – conflict with the owners, perhaps a family fall out or Divorce?
  6. Infective Management – either; no delegation, no decisions are made and the business is stuck?
  7. No plan and no direction?
  8. Reached a Glass Ceiling – you perhaps don’t have the ability to scale, infrastructure or management capabilities to break through?
  9. Lack of Funding and Cash-flow problems – ineffective business finance, limited or no lender relationships?

If you have answered Yes to any of the above questions our Business Turnaround advisor’s could help you and add value to your Company. Your next step is to call 0800 316 1612.

Our Promise to YOU & what can you expect from the Enable Business Turnaround team:

Business Turnaround Management 1

quickly in order for the patient to have the best chance at recovery.

  • Rapid response time – fast reaction to your request for help is paramount
  • Day 1 we will get to know YOU and your business – this is crucial as our strategies are tailored specifically to the Directors and Share Holders.
  • A free and confidential business review before we even start. – This is important for you so that you know exactly where we are starting from.

What the Enable Business Turnaround team can bring to the table:

We the business turnaround specialist will enter your company with a fresh eyes, knowledge, skills and  complete objectivity. Our professionalism  allows us spot problems and create new solutions that may not be visible to company insiders simply because the owners and directors are too close to the problem.

  1. Controls to Stabilise the current and short term crisis  – we will implement a controls over the cash flow and pressing creditors
  2. Re-evaluate the business – what do the Directors want, what do your customers want, where is your market now!
  3. Based on the business review and results from the business diagnosis present a medium to long term strategy.
  4. We have access to Turnaround Finance – its no good having a plan if you have no money to implement it, we resolve this.
  5. Proven Sales & Marketing strategies that are centred around profitable sales – Sales are always key to success
  6. Systems and procedures to drive efficiencies and cost savings through the business
  7. Concise business and corporate recovery.

Our business turnaround managers have no political agendas or other obligations to colour the decision-making process, allowing us to take the unpopular yet necessary steps for survival which may include, but not exclusively, corporate insolvency, liquidation, cvas, company administration or receivership. If our Business Turnaround expect is engaged early enough business insolvency can potential be completely avoided.

Expert knowledge solutions for the following business problems

  • Dealing with Angry Creditors
  • HMRC Arrears – Companies behind with their VAT, PAYE or TAX payments even failed time to pay arrangements.
  • Current Bank Pressure – breaches in lending covenants, business accounts being placed in specialist lender services.
  • Hostile Threats from your Bank or Lenders to appoint administrators or receivers.
  • Threats of Business Bankruptcy from creditors or suppliers either by way of  statutory demand or winding up petitions.
  • Managing worried employees and nervous Directors.
  • Company county court judgements (ccjs) or court action.