Information and lending criteria for property development finance. We also have development finance for property developers who need to raise money for refurbishments. Please be advised that property development finance is for professional use, we specifically mean that you are your elected builders need to have experience.

Development finance for small 1 house builds all the way up to large multiple house plots. Commercial property developers, funds for new build, renovations, warehouses, factories and shops.

Quick Overview of the Development Finance Available:

  • Residential development – up to 100% of costs of work available
  • Residential refurbishments
  • Residential conversions
  • Student Accommodation.
  • Mixed residential and commercial schemes
  • Commercial & Industrial Schemes
  • Commercial Office Blocks
  • Mezzanine Finance available.

Development Finance Loan sizes

  • Minimum facility – £250,000
  • Maximum facility – No Maximum Limit

Loan period

  • Facilities are set up for between 6 – 36 months and are renewable.

Amount of costs funded

  • New build schemes – we will usually fund 75% of the acquisition and up to 100% of the construction costs.
  • This is typically up to 85% of the total project costs or 70% of the Gross Development Value (GDV).
  • Refurbishments/conversions – we will usually fund 75% of the acquisition and 100% of the costs of work.
  • Property Development Finance can be structured by way of Bridging Loan should the client require it.
  • Joint ventures schemes considered for excellent locations and developer experience. Providing 100% funding for land and build where project profit margins exceed 25%.

Interest rates/fees

  • Interest rates fixed for the duration of the loan, to be agreed according to the development.
  • Interest Rates either linked to Base or Libor, either on Per Annum or Monthly tailored to suit specific development. 


  • Loans in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.