Why Are All the Angels Investors Moving Online?

In a recent development, accredited angel investors have begun moving from angel groups to online platforms, like SeedInvest. The reason for this is that while angel groups are great for experienced, active investors, online platforms are perfect for the less entrepreneurially experienced investors who are writing the smaller checks.

Successful investing through an angel group usually takes a lot of time. Success depends on the investor’s active involvement in screening and monitoring investments, but few people have enough time to do those things. That’s where curated angel platforms can help: they save a ton of time. Furthermore, few angel groups have enough successful angels to follow. A few angels make huge returns on their investments, but most don’t make any money. This leaves new members to follow investors who don’t have a proven track record. With online platforms, though, active investors can follow proven success stories no matter where they are. Finally, the huge, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities simply aren’t available to members of most angel groups. Investors who aren’t located in centers of innovation are better off finding great opportunities online than struggling to find one or two potential success stories locally!

Read the full article here: Why Angels Are Moving Online

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