Where Are All the Customers Hiding?

Part of starting a small business in the digital age is learning where your target customers go online. If you hope to raise your profile with the right audience, you need to focus your efforts on the places where they go. Don’t spend all your time posting to every available social media site. Instead, learn which one your customer uses most often and direct your attentions there.

The first thing you need to do is identify your customer. What are the unique traits, characteristics, and preferences of your target audience? Once you have developed a customer profile, you must find out what keywords and hashtags this audience uses to search for content. Then, additional research will tell you where your customers spend their online time. If your ideal customer skews older and more professional, you’ll likely find them on LinkedIn. If your product is all about aesthetics and design, Pinterest may be your best bet. Once you’ve chosen your network, you must create a specific campaign tailored to it. What works on Facebook will not work as well on Instagram, so each site needs a specific campaign. Follow this advice, and you’ll find the audience you’re looking for.

Read the full article here: How to Find Out Where Your Customers Are Online

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