What to Ask Interviewees to Ensure You Hire The Best

If you’re looking for some questions to ask interviewees, you can easily find a list or fifty just by running a quick Google search. But you don’t want employees who take the easy way out, so you shouldn’t ask the questions everyone else is asking. If you want some questions that will really help you make sure you’re getting the right person for the job, read on.

The most exceptional candidates will enjoy being challenged by your questions. Don’t just lob softballs that everyone’s prepared for; ask some tough ones and you’ll quickly see who sinks and who swims. For example, asking someone if they’re driven by the determination to succeed or a fear of failing could help you get to know that person. There’s no wrong answer other than, “Neither one,” because you want to know that this candidate will work hard for you should you give them the job. You also want people who are and want to continue to be successful on your team, and asking someone why they’re successful is a great barometer for that. Successful people spend a lot of time thinking about what they’re doing and why, and they always have an answer. If this question can be answered easily by your candidate, you may have found a winner. Get more great interview questions from the article below!

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