VAT Loans – Funding Solutions To Spread The Cost Of Tax

VAT Loans – Funding Solutions To Spread The Cost Of Tax 1

We offer VAT Loans to all UK businesses allowing you to spread the cost of your quarterly VAT liability.

Cash flow is king for business and our VAT Loans can help make sure that your working capital is kept operating where it’s the most profitable for your Company.

Our VAT funding solutions can take the sting out of managing large quarterly tax liabilities that VAT can create. Apply Online For A VAT Loan

Advantages of using a VAT Loan

If you’re a growing business it’s likely that you could always make better use of your cash than send it to HMRC. Here are a few advantages of how our clients have used our VAT funding solutions to boost their working capital.

  • Smooth out cash flow peaks and troughs
  • Use the retained cash to fund new orders and business opportunities
  • Help manage cash shocks created by changes in supplier payment terms.
  • Convert large Quarterly tax payments into manageable monthly repayments.
  • Help smooth out cash flow pressures from other areas of your business such as Customers needing longer payment terms.

What is a VAT Loan & How does it work?

  • A VAT loan is an unsecured business loan designed specifically to pay your HMRC VAT liability created from your sales revenue.
  • To take advantage of VAT funding solution all you need to do is inform us of the upcoming VAT liability and provide us with a copy of your last filed accounts and we would typically come back with a decision within 48 hours.
  • The lender will typically pay HMRC directly on your behalf and you would then pay 3 equal repayments to the lender.

Who is eligible for a VAT Loan

  • We consider all UK trading Companies.
  • Minimum VAT liability greater than £10,000
  • We like to see a positive balance sheet but we don’t have a minimum.
  • Your Company is not in current arrears with VAT or in a time to pay arrangement.

Take a look at our common questions below or if you would like to read more about what other business loans provide follow the link provided.

Common Questions about our VAT funding solutions

If you have just paid your VAT directly to HMRC we can still help as we can rebate the VAT you have paid back to your Company as long as its within 14 days.
If you have had previous VAT arrears we can still consider your application as long as we are aware and what’s changed now to prevent this happening again.

If your business has current and outstanding bad credit registered we are unlikely to be able to assist with one of our unsecured VAT loans. It may be worthwhile you giving us a call on 0114 2945046 as other funding solutions may exist. 

Yes, we can delay your loan repayments by up to 1 month giving you one month breathing space.

Yes, we can help bridge a VAT liability created from the purchase of a property. The funding solution is structured differently to our trading business VAT loans as no repayments are due until the VAT is reclaimed from HMRC. Talk to us on 0114 2945076 for more info

Fast application,
fast funding,
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Applying won’t hurt your personal credit.