Turn Your Startup Into a Big Brand


Every entrepreneur wants their new business to become the premier brand in their space. They want to be what Starbucks is to coffee, what Apple is to electronics. The trouble is, most entrepreneurs have no idea how difficult it is to achieve that goal. Building your brand starts from day one, and these are the best strategies.

First of all, don’t ask your customers what they want next. Existing customers don’t know your business like you do and they can’t envision a new concept. Your job is to excite them and show them something new, not ask them to come up with it for you. Once you’ve excited your customers, you’ll have a few fans. You should work to turn those fans into apostle customers. These people know and love your brand and will generate referrals to bring new customers to your door. Not all customers will love you, though. Instead of dismissing unhappy customers as an unavoidable side effect, you must have a comprehensive and deliberate response plan in order to generate growth. Finally, you must understand that all of your business relationships are constantly in flux, and that means you can’t assume that your brand is stable. Cultural changes, external events, and more can knock your brand into disarray, and it’s up to you to recognize change early.

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