Trading Whilst Insolvent? Read This Before…

If you think your Company is trading while being insolvent you really need to read this article and then take immediate action before it to late. – This news release is from R3 the trade body for licensed insolvency practitioners

R3 is calling for the Insolvency Service to be allocated greater resources to pursue more cases referred to them by Insolvency Practitioners (IPs). Last year, out of the 4,752 referrals by IPs, the Insolvency Service disqualified 1,252 directors, or about 26%. Six years ago 45% of directors were disqualified.

“One in four reports resulting in a disqualification is simply not a high enough strike rate,” says R3 President Peter Sargent. “Insolvency Practitioners are required by law to report on the conduct of the directors of all businesses when they fail. A particular type of report is required when the conduct of the director appears to the IP to warrant further investigation. The Service does a good job to get the disqualifications it secures but clearly needs additional resources to pursue more cases.”

Under the Directors Disqualification Act, the Insolvency Service can seek a court order for a director to be barred from taking boardroom posts. Most commonly this is for trading when insolvent and the average disqualification period is six and a half years. R3 has been discussing with Parliamentarians and key stakeholders how best to prevent directors making the same mistakes next time round.

Peter Sargent concludes: “We have urged both Government and the opposition to consider introducing compulsory education for disqualified directors. Using a driving analogy, those caught speeding are encouraged to undertake a speed awareness course. Greater publicity for cases the Insolvency Service successfully prosecutes could also act as an additional deterrent, as well as more resources to police those who have been disqualified. Otherwise some ‘dodgy’ directors will simply slip through the net and be allowed to set up shop somewhere else.

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