Time to Reinvent?

It can be easy to keep chugging along in your small business without really paying attention to the state of things. Then, disaster strikes. Maybe a client leaves, taking a big chunk of revenue with him, or maybe you’re just selling less and it feels like your business has hit a dead end. Sometimes, you need to reinvent.

This doesn’t mean that you should hit the reset button and start over from scratch. All it means is that you should look at what’s not working well in your business and fix it. It might be a lack of substantial industry contacts, it might be that you don’t have enough time in your day to grow your business, it might be high employee turnover. Whatever the challenge is that you’re facing, you should tackle it head on and come up with solutions that will take your business to the next level. It might seem overwhelming, but if you compartmentalize and take on each problem one at a time, you’ll find it’s more than possible. Block off an hour this week and make a list of issues facing your business. Then, pick one and start brainstorming ways to fix it!

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