Developing the Traits of a Great Salesperson

Great salespeople weren’t born that way. They got that way through hours and hours of practice. To be successful, entrepreneurs have to become great salespeople themselves. How can you do it? By cultivating a few key traits that will turn you into a powerhouse salesperson.

Selling isn’t easy. It involves a lot of rejection; more rejection that you’ve likely ever experienced before. It’s an unavoidable part of the job. That means you’ll have to be mentally tough and resilient enough to keep trying in the face of adversity. Great salespeople view rejection as an opportunity to improve. They find out how they failed and work to do better next time. For the best sellers, rejection is a valuable part of the learning process. Of course, that means that any great seller needs to have a huge amount of patience. You have to be patient with yourself and your developing skills, and also with your prospects. If you’re too pushy and impatient, you’ll turn off your prospects and they’ll walk away. Take the time to genuinely engage your customer make and sure he or she is comfortable buying from you, though, and you’ll be developing the necessary skills to become a great salesperson.

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