The Next Step for an Established Business


An emerging small business is sort of like a teenager. They’ve made it through the growth spurts of infancy and adolescence relatively unscathed, and now they’re growing and changing at a constant rate. This momentum can help you, but it can also lead you off course. What should you do once your business is established and running?

It can be easy to get complacent in this situation. You’re turning a profit and everything has gone well so far. Still, it’s important that you work on your business rather than just in it. You may need to hire outside help at this point in order to give you enough time to keep improving. A great mentor who’s been through it all before can also help. The best mentor is someone who’s been through this stage of a business’s growth before but is removed enough from your operations that they can offer a fresh perspective. Speaking of fresh perspectives, it’s also vital that you not allow burnout to settle in during this stage. Put systems in place that will allow you to take a break and rest when you need to. Do this, and you should see your business continue on to adulthood!

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