The Many Roles of a Startup Entrepreneur

Leading a business is difficult, complex work. You’re going to wear many hats, doing a little of everything in the early stages of your business’s development. You won’t be able to afford a large team or numerous departments, so instead you’ll have to do the jobs of many people.

The first and most important job you’ll have as an entrepreneur is that of a leader. You’ll have to establish your company’s tone and culture, and it’s up to you keep your team’s morale up in times of stress or hardship. Going hand in hand with the leadership role is the role of decider: team members will come to you with information and dilemmas, and you’ll have the last word on what to do next. These kinds of jobs are more difficult than they appear; there’s a lot riding on each decision you make and you’ll be taking accountability for how each turns out. In addition to being a leader, you’ll also have to be the chief financial analyst for your company, as well as its primary marketer, HR director, and more. An entrepreneur has to be ready and willing to get their hands dirty doing just about every job imaginable. Are you ready?

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