The Content Marketing Trends to Watch

Content marketing is a rapidly-evolving beast. It used to be that whatever website had the most high-quality content won, but it’s quickly becoming more about your connections, your format diversity, and your ability to connect with an audience across multiple mediums. 2016 will be no different in that content marketing is going to undergo some serious changes. What can we expect in the next year?

One of the biggest changes is that content aggregation will be put into the hands of users more than ever. Twitter’s new Project Lightning, for example, seeks to collect images, video, and posts from users to create features on news and events as they unfold. You can also expect to see journalistic algorithms come into their own, threatening freelance content creators everywhere. Social media will also begin to offer new publishing options like Facebook’s Instant Articles, which allows publishers to immediately publish articles to their platform for maximum impact. Finally, you can expect audiences to demand more visual mediums from their content. Wireless connections and internet speeds will continue to increase and users are becoming more and more impatient, so brush up on your infographic and video skills!

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