The Biggest Digital Marketing Don’ts

Digital marketing has made it easier than ever to grow your small business quickly. It’s also made it easier to get overzealous with your tactics. There are certain all-too-common strategies that can hurt your business more than they help.

You might think that phone calls and emails can help you find out more about what clients want from your small business, and more is better, right? Think again. Doing both can come across as desperate. Choose one method of communication and conduct the bulk of your business with it. Many marketers also focus on the business and go on about its many services and advantages. While prospective clients and customers want to know this stuff, they really want to know exactly how you will solve the problem they have. Don’t over-promote; instead, focus on helping the individual. This extends to offering the right information to the right customers as well as personalization for returning clients. Finally, while it may be tempting to innovate quickly, constant change can lead to confusion for your customers. Don’t overload your website with too many pages and buttons. Keep it simple and make it easy for people to find what they need, and they’ll come to you!

Read the full article here: Steer Clear of These Annoying Digital Marketing Tactics

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