The Biggest Business Trends of 2016

The business world is evolving more quickly than ever before thanks to the rapid iteration of technology. Smartphones, social media, and more have made it easier than ever to keep in touch, share, and collaborate, and that trend will continue in a big way in the new year. What are the biggest and boldest business trends of 2016?

Consumers have been taking more and more control in the last few years when it comes to deciding what they want. Thanks to Youtube and Instagram stars and social media, consumer control has never been more important. Technology has changed the power differential, and brands now act as vehicles for fulfilling our needs. If you can’t enable and empower your customers, they’ll take the lead and head elsewhere. Privacy and security are also going to continue to drift to the front and center of consumers’ minds. With cyber criminals attacking companies like Target and running away with consumer information, your customers want to know that they’re safe with you. Cyber protection might be expensive, but it’s quickly becoming as necessary as the internet itself for your business. What other big business trends can you expect to see continue growing in 2016?

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