The Best Tech for the Traveling Entrepreneur

A long journey on a plane or train is a great opportunity to get some work done for any entrepreneur. If you want to maximize that large amount of down time, you’re going to need the right technology. The right accessories will go a long way toward making you a more productive traveler.

A bluetooth keyboard is a handy addition to your tech arsenal. The iClever folding bluetooth keyboard is an especially compact product. It’s a small aluminum square that unfolds into a comfortable-to-use wireless keyboard. It will work with any bluetooth-enabled device and even comes equipped with a set of function keys that will work with iOS, Android, or Windows. It might not be quite as comfortable as a full-sized keyboard, but it sure is a lot easier to fit into your bag. If your gadgets are always running out of juice at inopportune times, you might want to pick up a USB charging station. A multi-port USB charger will solve all of your charging woes when you hit the road, allowing you to charge your phone, tablet, and whatever other gadgets you have at the same time! The right arsenal of travel tech tools can make your flights a whole lot more productive!

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