Taking on the Big Boys


As an entrepreneur, it can be daunting knowing that some of the competition you’ll be taking on is composed of multi-million dollar corporations. Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath, though: occasionally the underdog wins. How can you come out on top?

One of the keys is to move quickly. Giant companies have a lot of resources, but they also have a lot of bureaucracy. They’re slow, and clients hate slow service. If you can respond to clients at a rapid pace and prove that your customer service is superior, you’ll always have a home in the marketplace. You also have to be relentless and refuse to let yourself be intimidated. You’ll hear a lot of no’s at the outset, but if you keep at it you’ll begin to make a name for yourself. You don’t have to act like a small company, either. Hire great employees to help you develop fantastic products and stay one step ahead of the competition. Finally, though, you have to have patience. It can take years to build your company into what you envision it to be. Don’t be discouraged, though; with hard work and perseverance, you can make it happen!

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