Social Media for the Small Business Owner

Social media can make a huge difference in marketing for small businesses. 92% of marketers currently working with small businesses agree that social media is a vital part of their marketing efforts. The trick, however, to a successful small business social media presence is to not try to compete with huge corporations.

Most small businesses can’t hope to match the sheer volume and limitless resources of big companies. Instead, they should focus on expanding brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and building a loyal community. Brand awareness should be priority number one for any small business social media campaign. You can track how effective your plan is using metrics like impressions, reach, mentions, and follower growth. If you are successful in building your brand awareness, website traffic will follow. You have to do the work, though, of enticing them to your site. Share blog posts, promote your sales, and share news about your products. Do this effectively and you will begin to build a strong community of loyal followers. These people can become “brand ambassadors,” reaching out on social networks and in the real world to provide referrals!

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