Shutting Out Your Phone for Productivity

Smartphones are an incredible boon to small business owners. They allow for instantaneous communication between you and your partners or employees. Of course, they can also distract you during important meetings and eat up your time with any number of distractions. How can you stay focused on the task at hand in the age of the smartphone?

It starts with putting it away when you’re not using it. Your phone shouldn’t be in the same place where you speak to customers. Even if you ignore its constant buzzing and ringing, the sounds can still hurt your concentration. Instead of keeping your phone on you at all times, schedule out your important calls so you know when you need to be near your phone. Rather than listening to all of your voicemails, you can use an app to transcribe them so you can read them when you have the time. AccessDirect has a service that will email you text copies of your voicemails so you can scroll through to get the gist of the message. Finally, it’s important to remember your phone etiquette. Introducing yourself when you pick up the phone and keeping your conversations friendly and to-the-point will help save you and your conversation partner some time!

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