Secure funding against R&D tax credits

Secure funding against R&D tax credits 1

Companies who invest in research and development are eligible for a cash payment back from HM Government. Once the R&D tax credit has been approved it can take many months before the cash is received. Enable Finance is pleased to announce we can fund this gap between your R&D tax credit approval and funds being received from the Government.

R&D Tax Credit Funding:

  • An unsecured business loan – secured against the R&D tax credit approval document.
  • Bridges the gap between approval and funds received
  • No monthly repayments, interest is rolled up and cleared when the R&D tax credit is paid
  • Receive working capital today on the strength of R&D tax approvals.
  • The R&D tax claim must have been arranged by a professional third party
  • We may require proof of previous successful claims.

For more information on how we could fund your working capital on the strength of your R&D tax credits please call 0114 294 5046 or apply online below.