Sale & Leasback Becomes Popular as Business Seeks Refinance

Sale and leaseback finance is becoming more popular as the economy forces businesses to reassess how their Company is funded.

Enable Finance – Leasing Division has recorded a rise in sale and leaseback deals of more than 50 per cent during 2008. This rise in asset refinance is further evidence that the British business owner has to be resourceful and look for alternatives sources of funding.

The tougher economic conditions are forcing Company Directors to take the time to consider how their business assets are used and strategically could they be utilized to inject cash back into the business. Business Asset Refinance is an area that as the recession continues firms could look at release cash and provide financial certainty.

A well structured sale and leaseback or refinance solutions can not only keep their businesses moving but save the Company money.

To find out more about Sale Leaseback please contact: Phillip Evans

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