Productivity Tips from the Pre-Digital World

Every small business owner is looking for ways to boost his or her productivity. We all want to get more done every day and achieve our goals in record-breaking time. While there are a ton of productivity apps and tools available online these days, some of the best methods of boosting productivity don’t require a gadget at all.

Sticky notes aren’t just something you can pin to your computer’s desktop. These little slips of paper are perfect for daily reminders. Write down the goals you hope to achieve tomorrow on a sticky note and leave it for yourself to find at your desk in the morning. Keep a pad handy and write ideas down, then stick them near your work station so you never forget them. A notebook is a great place to keep track of your long-term goals. Fill it with a detailed plan that provides clarity on how you hope to accomplish your next big goal. Break it down into smaller goals, and write down fifteen or so of these smaller goals that you hope to accomplish in a given week. At the end of the week, look at that list. Did you accomplish all of your goals? If so, raise the bar next week! You’ll be a productivity pro in no time!

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