Pick a Perfect Name

Naming your small business is one of the most important things you’ll have to do as an entrepreneur, but it’s also one of the most deceptively tricky. The wrong name can mean catastrophe, but the right name could launch you to new heights. What makes a great small business name?

There’s a lot to take into account. Is the domain name available? Can you trademark it? Can you use it on social media? These factors can be just as important nowadays as the actual name itself. The best approach is to grab a pen and start brainstorming. Don’t say no to anything; write it all down. When you’re done, cross off any names that contain cheesy adjectives or puns. It’s also a good idea to avoid your location in the name; after all, what if you relocate or expand? Be sure to state what your business does in the name so it’s clear to anyone who reads it. Finally, imagine how it would look as a logo. If you can easily see a beautiful logo featuring your chosen name, you’re probably on the right track. This is a difficult process that can take time, so don’t rush it. Follow these steps, and you’ll find the perfect moniker for your business!

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