Personal Finance – Consumer Attitudes to Borrowing Online

Datamonitor the research and analysis Company have produced a report on changes to consumer behaviour and buying on line within the the personal finance industry their key findings are detailed below.

The on line channel is becoming increasingly important for borrowing-related activity, such as searching for suitable deals. Across nearly all markets, consumers are more likely to take out loans on line direct from a provider rather than use an aggregation site.

Continuing concerns over on line security are a worry for consumers, which may become more of an issue as dependence on this channel rises. Among those who have never bought financial products on line, there is considerable doubt as to the safety of borrowing on line.

Web 2.0 technologies and the emergence of social networking give banks greater scope to engage with their borrowing customers, and enable them to target their loan offerings more effectively. Blogs, video content and personalized recommendations can all help to strengthen relationships and build loyalty.