New Trade Finance Facility Enters The Market

A new trade finance providers has entered the market place for UK buyers. The facility has been two years in development and brings together a very robust platform for both buyers and sellers to transact business on. This new trade finance facility is a great addition to your existing business finance arrangements, moreover, because the facility is balance sheet neutral it does not interfere with any of your existing commercial finance or banking relationships.

 The trade finance platform provides significant benefits to buyers and sellers:

  • Buyers are provided with a balance sheet neutral trade credit limit, rather like a credit card;
  • Buyers can use that credit limit with any Enrolled supplier and can choose any credit;
  • repayment term of up 120 days credit on a transaction-by transaction basis;
  • Sellers benefit from 100% non-recourse cash payment immediately the Buyer accepts the goods and his payment obligation;

More information will be posted on our blog in the coming days however, if your would like to know more about this trade finance facility please contact us.