Make a Motivated Team for Your Small Business

Employee turnover is a huge drain on many small businesses. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and demoralizing. How do you stop it? By keeping your team happy! There are many ways to do this, but many small business owners are so wrapped up in running their business that they simply forget.

It’s vital to listen to and support your employees, for example. When someone comes to you with a complaint, you should listen carefully and do your best to address their problem. Be sure to let your team know that they can speak with you candidly should the need arise. Sometimes they just need to vent, but other times there’s a real problem that needs to be solved. Supporting your employees goes hand in hand with helping develop their skills. Training and motivation programs, lunchtime lectures, and more can all make your employees not only better at their jobs, but more suited to moving up the ranks when the time comes. Finally, it’s vital that your employees know how much you appreciate them. Give your staff a half day if they’ve just met a crucial goal. Leave a note of appreciation for a hard-working employee. Every little bit counts!

Read the full article here: How to Keep Employees Happily Motivated in Your Small Business

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