Large Business Loans £500k to £25 Million

business loans Enable Finance is pleased to announce a new large business loan product specifically designed for a business needing to borrow more than £500,000 (GBP). Moreover, the finance product is open to Global Companies so regardless of your current location or domicile this business loan product could be available to your business. The business loan is innovative in its structure, creation and has flexible drawdown facility so if your business loan is for £5 million pounds you only draw it down as and when you need it, therefore only pay interest on the capital drawn. Like what you see apply online here

More About the Business Loan Fund

  • Any commercially viable business proposition considered.
  • Terms between 1 to 8 year repayment terms.
  • The loan is a debt instrument, no equity stake required.
  • Loans amounts from £500,000 to £25 Million (GBP)
  • Global Appetite.

Examples of Some of the businesses that have used this type of business loan

  • Medical Technology: a privately owned medical company that develops, manufactures and distributes their medical systems
  • Online Retailer: Established e-commerce retailer looking to grow, expand and develop a stock range.
  • Startup Gaming : An online gaming proposition funded from startup
  • New Zealand Finance Company : see the video below.

How the Large Business Loan is created

The loan facility is created via a funding instrument which is bespoke to each individual client. These instruments act as; a) the vehicle for the client to raise capital, and b) the opportunity for the market to invest. The instrument sits between the client and the investor and this raises the funds. The Investment Fund has considerable and extensive experience in creating global investment structures and raising capital from varied markets. Part of a suite of business loans Enable Finance can offer