Keep Your Company Email Safe

Email is vital for almost every small business these days. It’s the number one means of communication for most businesses, and your company probably uses it to send hundreds of messages every day. You might not give it a second thought, but email hacks and viruses are alarmingly common. How can you make sure your company stays secure?

The first step toward securing your company email is to develop secure passwords. Passwords that are easy to guess are also easy to hack. The more complex and unique your password is, the harder it will be for hackers to get through it. Birth dates, names, and social security numbers are all popular choices, which make them terrible picks for a secure password. You should also run all emails through a verification process. It’s easy to make an email account nowadays, so you must be sure that you know who you’re responding to, or whose attachments you’re downloading onto your hard drive. Most email servers have some kind of verification system that will help you separate the humans from the robots. Finally, you have to educate your employees on the importance of email security. A single hack can bring your business to its knees, so make sure everyone knows how to prevent one!

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