Is an Online Business the Right Path to Financial Freedom?

The advent of online commerce has created a new economy that’s accessible to everybody. Its explosive growth has already given us Amazon, Netflix, and countless other companies, and has changed the way we look at business. It’s also leveled the playing field for small businesses in many ways, and that means that with the right plan, an online business might be the shortest route between you and financial and professional freedom.

No matter what kind of business you’re in, scalability is the key to growth. An online business is the easiest way to realize exponential growth. Companies like Uber and Netflix are rooted in highly scalable business models. Think about it: you have access to the more than 3.2 billion potential customers who use the internet. It’s far cheaper to build a great website than it is to create a great brick and mortar location. There are countless ways to market yourself for free. There are even some shortcuts online businesses can take. For example, an ecommerce site is largely automated, which allows you to focus your attention on big-picture details rather than the daily minutiae of your company! If you’re thinking of launching a small business, why not do it online?

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