Invoice Finance Market Worth €1 Trillion in Europe

Invoice Finance in all its forms is clearly becoming a significant source of business finance according to new research from Demica. In the backdrop of relationship lending and credit conditions remaining tight Demica have taken a reading from the invoice finance market as a whole. Indeed it is believed to be the first time that the aggregated invoice finance market (including trade receivables securitisation, factoring and invoice discounting, supply chain finance, and a range of other invoice-based finance techniques) has been analysed as a whole.

Read the full article and get access to the people at Demica –  Demica’s report “The Hidden Player”  Demica is a market leading specialist in working capital solutions and financial data processing.

Invoice Finance is a serious source of alternative business finance so if overdrafts or short term cash flow loans are not available from your banking relationships you may want to consider how invoice finance could work for you within your company.