Invoice Factoring Finance For Construction Businesses

The construction industry has been seen to be the back bone of our economy for many years and this will be more evident as the economy recovers, Enable Finance  bring a commercial approach to supporting the construction sector offering tailored funding solutions meeting your specific business requirements.

If run a construction company or are involved in the construction sector the chances are you are working under some form of JCT contract , issuing payment requests and or your invoices being subject to retention(s). Operating in this environment can sometimes create cash flow issue that with the right kind of funding partner would be immediately resolved… That where Enable Finance can help

We’re here to help fund your business.

Who we support:

  • Small and Medium Sized Construction Companies (Limited, Sole Traders or Partnerships).
  • Trading within the commercial, local authority or government sectors.
  • Turnover around £200k – £10m per annum.
  • Funding requirements of between £25K and £2.5m
  • Operating as a sub &/or main contractor under contracts and/or orders

Our fast track Invoice Factoring facility offers:

  • Recourse or Non Recourse, with or without bad debt protection, or Selective Invoices (non recourse)
  • Disclosed Invoice Factoring or Confidential Invoice Discounting
  • A Specialist Bad Debt Protection policy which covers contractual debt
  • Up to 70% Net Invoice Advance Rate
  • Flexible funding against contract receivables including applications for payment
  • Complimentary to, or replacing existing banking facilities
  • Dedicated specialist construction management unit
  • Internal Quantity Surveyor Resource

Businesses we have provided Invoice Factoring Facilities for in the Construction Industry

  • Refurbishment Contractor
  • Construction Firm Main Contractor
  • Ground & Earthwork Contractor
  • Painting & Decorating Contractor with financial difficulties and in CVA
  • Plastering Contractor
  • Civil Engineering Contractor

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