Invoice Discounting for the small business

The focus of our small business Invoice discounting facility is to cater for the start up and SMEs with turnovers generally under £5 million and borrowing needs of between £25,000 and £500,000. Naturally we have solutions if your funding requirement is greater than this.

Naturally Invoice Factoring works well for some Companies however we recognized that there is a gap in the market for businesses that have a small accounts department or perfectly adequate credit control facilities and wish to maintain the collections relationships with their customers.

Our small business Invoice Discounting facility is not here to interfere in the process of debtor payments or upset your customers. You maintain the customer relationship and collection procedures we fund your working capital. Facilities can be confidential – so your customer is not aware of our involvement – or disclosed.

Nearly all fees are based on what our clients want to borrow. If you only need a small finance line against a large sales ledger then that is what you are charged for. We are excited about this product it offers business owners a straight line growth strategy without having to sacrifice customer relationships.