Improving Working Capital with Asset Refinance

Enable Finance recognise that working capital is essential to a business and that’s why over the coming weeks our Corporate Finance teams will be publishing news and information on the different types of finance available to fund working capital.

A lack of working capital can impact massively on a business and poor cash management can often lead to arrears or late payments to creditors such as HM Revenue and Customs. Not paying the VAT quarter or holding back payments of PAYE can sometimes seem like the only way to fund a cash flow problem, however, you really should be mindful that this is not a good idea and could even lead to the business being wound up.

Asset Refinance can be one way to utilise the assets held within a business as part of a working capital strategy moving forwards. The corporate Finance team at Enable Finance will give business owners and Directors free advice on whether this solution could work for your business.

For more information about Asset Refinance please speak with:

Phillip Evans – m. 0797 0500 425 or apply on line