How to Know When to Let a Client Go


It’s always exciting when your business lands a new client, but some clients are more trouble than they’re worth. It might be tough, but sometimes dropping a client is the best thing for your business. How do you know when it’s time to fire a client?

There are any number of reasons a client might need to be dropped. If your client has payment problems, like being consistently late with payments or not paying enough, it’s time to let them go. Sometimes, a client doesn’t have enough work for your company. When that happens, you should stop wasting time with them. Some clients also eat up too much time, taking attention away from other clients. If you have a toxic client, meaning the client has a negative attitude, doesn’t respect you, or even lies to you, or the work you’re doing for them is something that could damage your company’s reputation, it’s time to get rid of them. Finally, sometimes it boils down to you. If you don’t enjoy the work you’re doing for someone, or if your gut tells you it’s time, don’t let them hang around. Drop ’em!

Read the full article here: 11 Signs: When It’s Time to Fire Your Client

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