How to Hunt Down the Right Hires for Your Startup

As you’re trying to get your new business off the ground, most of your effort will go into developing your product and reaching out to customers. You might forget about the most important part of any company: the team. A great team is the key to growing a successful business, and the key to finding that team is to never stop looking for great candidates.

If you only start looking when you have a position of need you have to fill, you might surprised at how long it can take to find a suitable candidate. It will also take much of your attention away from working on the product itself, and hiring will begin to seem like a distraction. If you’re always searching for candidates, you’ll have a pipeline of great people you stay in touch with. When you have a position to fill, these potential candidates will make the job a lot easier on you. Many startups resort to outsourcing when they’re strapped for time, but smart entrepreneurs know to work as hard as possible to bring talent in house. Outsourcing is cheap, but most consultants have a very narrow focus of work. An in-house talent can be groomed to complete many kinds of projects, and will be much more valuable overall!

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