How Social Media Marketing Will Transform in 2016

There are over 2 billion active social media users worldwide, and that number is growing by 25% per year. That’s why most companies are on social media, using it to engage with their fans, boost their brand, and spread their message. But as social media grows, so too it evolves, and how we use it will change in 2016. How?

One big change that has been long-predicted is the dawn of internal social media networks for workplaces. The days of endless reply-all threads and hunting through inboxes are coming to an end thanks to companies like Slack. Slack has an intuitive interface built around themed chat rooms and searchable archives, and has collected 1.25 million business users in just two years. Facebook at Work is currently in trial mode, and a number of other competitors are on the way as well. Companies will also increasingly turn to their employees to share their content. Employee social advocacy programs, which encourage staff to share updates about their business, are on the rise. When done right, these programs can pay off with impressive results. Finally, you can expect to see native social media advertising really hit its stride in the new year. They are being targeted with greater and greater precision, and companies are responding by ramping up their social media advertising. What other changes to social media marketing will you see in 2016?

Read the full article here: 5 Trends That Will Change How Companies Use Social Media in 2016

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