How Many Online Reviews Are Fake?

Recently, the BBC investigated evidence of fake online reviews all over the internet. You might have seen the report in the news, but for most small business owners the story was no surprise. Good online reviews can mean a great deal to a small business, but just how many reviews out there are fake?

In the early days of online review sites, reviews were incredibly loosely regulated. There was nothing to stop businesses from making dummy accounts and posting hundreds of positive reviews of themselves. Worse, it was difficult to get fake negative reviews posted by the competition removed. These sites are improving, but it’s still easy for businesses to buy everything from Facebook fans to Twitter followers to Youtube views. It’s easy to see the temptation in buying online reviews and fans when you realize that only 1 in 10 customers who are asked to write a review for a business will do so. Luckily, the Competition and Markets Authority is conducting an investigation into this issue to see whether it needs to step in and stop the illegal practice of posting false reviews. Small businesses rely heavily on customer reviews, and the people who game the system are damaging these businesses. Read more in the article below.

Read the full article here: Fake Online Reviews: When Did You Last Leave a Review for a Small Business?

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