Hanging On to Your Top Employees

It happens to almost every small business: you hire a great employee, they do excellent work for you for a little while, and then they’re hired away to greener pastures. The key to retaining your top employees, though, doesn’t have to lie in how much you can afford to pay them. Oftentimes it lies in your company culture.

Company culture is something that cannot be avoided. Every business no matter how small has one, and it’s up to you to guide and define it as your business grows. A great company culture can convince employees to stay with you for a long period of time. A negative culture can lead to high employee turnover, which means you’ll spend a lot more time seeking out, interviewing, and training new employees. The keys to maintaining a positive company culture include happiness. Encouraging employee interaction and allowing employees some measure of freedom in terms of their hours or where they work can go a long way toward keeping people happy. Maintaining a culture of learning in the office is also a great way to keep people engaged. Some companies even go so far as to offer scholarships or grants to employees to attend college courses! Get more ideas for boosting your company’s culture below!

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