Guy Kawasaki’s Very Best Business Tips

Superstar business Guy Kawasaki has written and spoken at length on the subject of growing your small business, and his latest book is no different. Titled The Art of the Start 2.0: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything, it’s chock full of great advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their small businesses.

Kawasaki says that the number one thing an entrepreneur can do to ensure their success is to practice. When it’s time to give your pitch or presentation, you’ll have to practice in order to really wow your potential investors. Steve Jobs may have looked like he was winging all those presentations, but he spent hours upon hours perfecting them. Kawasaki also advises entrepreneurs to know how to tell the story of their product. Whether it’s to investors or customers, storytelling helps people understand what makes you and your product stand out. To keep yourself motivated you must find your “why:” the thing that drives you each and every day. Whether it’s your love of your product or the simple fact that you have a family to feed, reminding yourself of your “why” every day will keep you motivated. To learn more, check out an interview with Kawasaki below!

Read the full article here: Guy Kawasaki’s Top 6 Tips for Growing Your Business

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