Growth & Support For SME’s On The Agenda At The House of Lords

nacfb logo It was great to receive a letter from Adam Tyler the Chief Executive of our Trade Body, The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers  (NACFB) yesterday. Now it has to be said I have, in the past not been a massive fan of the dozens of trade bodies that appear on the scene with some tenuous link for their own existence and self importance.

However, a good and well organised Trade Body is a fantastic thing, especially when it delivers real benefit to its members and possibly more importantly adds value to the customers (that’s YOU) of its members.

The Following letter, that I have just lifted out, is great demonstration of what they do for the Small to Medium Sized Business here in the UK. Enable Corporate Strategies Ltd. are proud to be members of the NACFB.

Dear Phillip

I attended a breakfast briefing yesterday at the House of Commons followed by a Senate Meeting of The Genesis Initiative in the House of Lords. During these meetings there was an opportunity for me to be able to comment on the work of the NACFB and the amount of business our members introduce to our Patrons. It was also a great opportunity to highlight the fact that we have 62 different commercial funders as part of the NACFB. This then opened up into a discussion on how the 113 Trade Bodies of this Initiative representing nearly 1 million SME members could benefit from knowing more about how to access these funders through our brokers.

The early breakfast meeting attended by Lord Risby as well as a smattering of MP’s gave me the opportunity to hear about the current government proposals and the other issues faced by SME trade bodies. The meeting at The House of Lords was where I had the opportunity to comment on the NACFB and it was quite poignant that the announcement was read out about the new BBA website covering the five High street Lenders just after I had commented on the fact that our Association members had access to over sixty commercial lenders and funders. Once again the amount of business that we introduce across the membership is always well received and proved our significant part in funding the SME community. This is another step forward in lobbying for more funding on behalf of you as members as well as your business customers and of course creating more opportunity for you from other trade bodies.

We will now be pursuing this opportunity and trying to add to the fantastic work the Genesis Initiative has been undertaking since 1999.

The Genesis Initiative was formed to improve the quality of the debate on SMEs in the UK and Europe and create economic reform, driven by SMEs and supported by Parliamentarians

The objectives of the Genesis Initiative are to encourage the creation and growth of SMEs and to support them through research, the writing of policy papers and acting as an advocate for their common interest. This complements and strengthens the efforts of established representative SME organisations. Genesis acts as a co-ordinating body, bringing together Entrepreneurs, SME Academics, SME Representative Organisations, with All Party Support from over 500 Politicians from the House of Lords and Commons, and also the Welsh Assembly. Genesis supplies policy papers from its Senate for onward transmission to Government and interested parties. Conferences, seminars and other meetings, often on a regional basis, are held to harness the collective views of the SME community and channel their vision, ethos and culture towards policy-makers/legislators.

The Genesis model has been enthusiastically supported within the European Union and a Pan-European Genesis Initiative was set up in 2001 to engage all participants within the SME family irrespective of nationality, race, creed or political affiliation.

Warm Regards

Adam Tyler
Chief Executive

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