Growing Your Online Startup

enable-finance-41 A great many small businesses live online nowadays. If you’ve spent hours designing and launching your website, it’s time to take the next step in building your business. Now, it’s all about building your brand and tapping the potential of the site you’ve created.

The first step is to build trust and loyalty with your audience. Start by making sure that your website looks professional. Sloppiness and poor wording will erode consumer confidence. Did you know that 59% of people would not buy from a company whose website featured poor spelling and grammar? This stuff counts! Next, you should work to make sure your site is technologically sound. A solid, well-built site improves the entire customer experience. Make sure your site is free of slow-loading pages and broken links. Once everything is up to snuff, it’s time to delve into SEO. Make sure that shoppers can find what they need on your site by typing your products into search engines and visiting the first few links. You should test this on your laptop and on your mobile devices to ensure you’re also optimized for mobile. If you make purchasing as easy as possible for your shoppers, they’re much more likely to return!

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