Get Your Big Idea Off the Ground

Coming up with ideas is pretty easy so long as you know how to separate the good ones from the bad. The difficult thing is learning how to handle the winners. That’s the skill you’re going to have to master if you hope to get one your ideas off the ground and grow it into a business.

One of the keys to growing an idea is to collaborate on it. The input of others, especially those knowledgeable about your subject, will help you to shape it into something you can use. It’s important that you be willing to share credit if you choose to go this route, though. Nobody will put their all into helping you if you tell them that they have no stake in the outcome. Leave room for others’ ideas, and give credit to others where it’s due. Next, you have to test your market. You have to talk to people you trust about your idea and listen to what they say. If you get a lot of blank stares, it’s back to the drawing board. Finally, you have to know when it’s time to release your idea into the world. If you let it out before it’s ready, it’ll be dead on arrival. Hold onto it too long, and you’ll risk smothering it to death.

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