Expert Tips to Boost Your Brand

Ted Rubin is a leading social marketing strategist and #13 on Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. In other words, he’s a social marketing rock star. If you’re looking for great advice to build your brand through social media, Rubin is your guy. What does he have to say?

In a recent interview, Rubin says that the most prominent reasons small businesses should be using social media are responding to customer questions, networking, and education. The key is to think about how you interact with customers and clients face-to-face and translate that interaction to the digital world. Interact and engage with your community, and your audience will grow. In order for a small business to have success on social media it has to have three things: time, money, and people. Social media marketing is time intensive and the best results come from being directly involved, so the barrier to entry gets higher as the business gets smaller. However, if you’re willing to put in the time the cost is very low and you’ll be able to get people on your side in no time. Check out the full interview with Ted Rubin below!

Read the full article here: Content Marketing & Social Media for Small Businesses

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