Don’t Make These Email Newsletter Errors

Sending out regular email newsletters is a great way to help drive repeat business. It gives you a great return on your marketing investment and can even encourage customers to generate referrals. It’s also more personal than a post on Facebook. However, in order for any email campaign to be successful, there are several things to avoid.

Be on the lookout for missing or broken links. Providing links to your business offers or social media pages is a great way to drive traffic, but if you forget to include the link or the link is broken, you’ll confuse and frustrate your customers. Be sure to test each and every link before you send out your newsletter. Be on the lookout too for pixelated images. If you change the size of your images while creating the newsletter, they may look different once they hit your subcribers’ inboxes. Send your newsletter to yourself first so you can be sure that all of your images look crystal-clear and professional. Finally, don’t forget to include icons that link to your company’s social media channels in your newsletter. This makes it easy for your customers to find your official pages!

Read the full article here: 6 Common Email Mistakes to Avoid

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