Don’t Let These Blind Spots Stop Your Business Growth

Every entrepreneur’s goal is to grow their business, but how do you do it? Training sales and more effective marketing messaging are both good bets, but there are other, often-overlooked areas to improve your operations that will boost your growth just as much, if not more.

Customer experience often comes last for new small business owners. They’re so focused on sales and marketing that they forget that return business and referrals are some of the most cost-effective ways to generate business. The very fastest ways to grow your business is to not lose existing customers and to provide great service and results that drive repeat and referral business. When some entrepreneurs have trouble attracting customers with their marketing efforts, their reaction is to cast a wider net. That’s the opposite of what you should do, though; instead, focus your messaging on a smaller target group. The more narrow your focus, the better your chances of attracting not just a customer, but the right customer. Finally, once you make the sale, the follow-up is just as important. Make sure that you have solved your customer or client’s problem to their satisfaction and they’ll be much more likely to return, and to tell their friends about you!

Read the full article here: 4 Blind Spots That Kill Business Growth

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