Don’t Believe These Myths About Innovation

Some people think that true innovation is reserved for the genius likes of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Those people are short-selling themselves. With enough confidence and direction, anyone can excel at innovation. The trouble is that there are several myths about the process of innovation that hold us back from achieving it.

Some people believe that large companies can’t innovate, that they’re too complacent both as a whole and within certain departments. That doesn’t have to be the case. Higher-ups can break this line of thinking by looking for two or three people who have great, creative ideas and letting them work. Some people think that innovation can only come from the top down, but it’s people who deal with customers every day that are more likely to be in tune with what the public wants. The people who understand customers’ needs will be well-equipped to innovate in ways that make the customer happy. Finally, don’t think of innovation as something that has to be perfect. It’s a messy process, and it’s okay to release things to market that aren’t quite perfect. If you wait until you work all the bugs out of an innovation, you’ll be waiting forever!

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