Discover the Right Investors for Your Business

When you meet with investors, your instinct might be to try to close the deal and get your hands on the money as quickly as you can. But finding the right investor is about more than finding the person with the most cash. You must find someone who shares your vision and knows how to help you succeed.

Before you go hunting for investors, you have to ask yourself what you need. Do you need a bigger network, more expertise, or more money? Maybe you need all three! Different investors can fulfill different goals for you and your business. An angel investor may bring more expertise but won’t have the resources of a venture capital firm, for example. You have to educate yourself on all the different assets and resources different investors can provide. Many investors will have seats on your board, and it’s important to choose partners who will provide guidance and work well with you. Finally, you have to know where to look. There are large organizations with chapters all over the US as well as digital platforms that will help you find and communicate with potential investors who match up well with your company.

Read the full article here: More Than Money: 4 Tips to Find the Right Investor for Your Startup

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