Cut Stress, Enjoy Work!

High stress and anxiety are quite common for small business owners. Worries about improving the business, money, and having enough time for family all play into this. Diet, exercise, and sleep are three key ways to battle this stress, but what can you do right now and throughout the workday to keep your spirits up?

There are plenty of ways to reduce your stress in five minutes or less. For example, change your work passwords to something that makes you happy. The name of someone you love, a few words from a favorite quote, or words that evoke a memory are all great options. This way, you’ll be reminded of something that makes you feel happy every time you log in! Another trick that can work is to write down recurring thoughts. Start a list, or a rant, whatever works. Writing down your troubles can help you get them out of your head, and seeing them written down can often alleviate a lot of pressure. There are tons of smaller things you can do, too. Play some brain games, grab some food to keep your energy up, and smile to keep your mood boosted throughout the day! Keep these practices up, and eventually you’ll feel the weight of stress less and less.

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