Creative Copywriting to Make Your Content Great

One of the fastest ways to increase your conversion and sales rates is to create incredible copy. The problem is, most companies are genuinely terrible at it. Many people are making the same mistakes in their copy, and by fixing them you can see your content begin to take off.

For example, far too many copywriters are afraid to sound like an actual human being. Write casually. Write it how you would say it. The tone of voice may vary depending on what industry you’re writing for, but maintaining an at least slightly casual air will help to keep your readers engaged. Don’t try to sound like a giant company, either. When you’re coming up with your company tagline, you should start by writing a couple of sentences about exactly what your business is and what it does. Then trim it down. Then trim it down some more, until you have a succinct statement. This process of trimming down works with all of your copy. Keep it basic. Simple, casual copy will keep people interested far more than overly clever, confusing copy. It takes some practice, but follow this advice and you’ll be creating perfect copy before long!

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